Province of Jersey


Provincial Charity Steward
W.Bro. J.McCloat

Freemasons carry out considerable charitable works,without much noise or fuss. At the national level, sums in the region of two million pounds per year are donated to non-Masonic charities, whilst equally considerable sums are used to support Freemasons and their families who have fallen on hard times.

Each Province carries out their own charitable works, and Jersey (which is one of the smallest Provinces) has an enviable reputation for the sums raised for Masonic and non-Masonic charities, having raised well over £1,000,000 during the last 46 years from a total membership of 600 Freemasons.

The Province of Jersey regularly collect for non-masonic charities, and provide a source of funding for charities that give excellent service to the community of Jersey.