Provincial database

The Provincial database is based on the Provincial records of all craft and royal arch masons.

The opportunity has been taken to include other degrees and orders in Jersey.

This is a secure area for Secretaries to manage their mailing lists.

All secretaries have been pre-registered, with first and last names, email address and a simple password.

It is suggested that you change the password immediately to something to which you can relate.

Passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted. Should you at any time forget your password, it must be reset.

If the secretary should change, please use the appropriate link to update the information.

At any time, you can produce lists of members, and mailing labels (which can exclude those to whom summonses are sent by email).

Labels are produced on A4 sheets, either Avery label size L7160 with 21 labels to a sheet or L7163 with 14 labels to a sheet.